Nicki Coghill


With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, 20 years’ experience in the wellness field and 3 years as a firefighter both structural and wildland, Nicki has a unique blend of leadership, vision and knowledge. She has spent the past 4 years working in corporate wellness where with a dedicated team, she developed full wellness programing availed to a 3,000-person campus for a fortune 500 company. In this role she was a strong advocate for companywide mental health integration. Nicki has also held leadership roles in many other organizations ranging from collegiate sports, women’s health support, non-profit development and youth health initiatives. As a firefighter she quickly saw the need for increased care of first responders and developed comprehensive wellness programs to target new academy recruits in order to give them the support they need to process the rigorous nature of being a first responder.

As of 12/31/2023 Building Warriors will be ceasing operations.

Until then we are still able to refer you to our current counselors.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Executive Director Nicki Coghill:

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