Noel is a compassionate, research-driven counseling candidate with therapeutic experience in trauma, substance abuse, and child and adolescent development. Chronically captivated by people’s capacity for resilience and growth, she seeks to empower clients through knowledge–of mental health, the brain, and (most critically) the self. She promotes rigorous self-assessment and regularly incorporates clients’ values into her work, subsequently creating unique and dynamic treatment plans. Her occupational journey began as an elementary school teacher; her therapeutic journey began in forensic counseling, working with adult men and women on probation. Not surprisingly, she discovered an intimate link between childhood maladjustment and the development of thoughts and behaviors that dramatically increase the likelihood of incarceration and poor health outcomes. She has since prioritized work that builds healthy, neuro-informed foundations for growth while helping clients prepare for and accept the unknown. Noel graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and English from the University of Denver, followed by a Master of Arts in elementary curriculum and instruction. In 2021, she completed a Master of Arts in clinical mental health counseling from Northwestern University and returned to the sunny Centennial State. When not therapizing, she climbs 14-ers, scours arcades for Dance Dance Revolution, and assists with research across the University of North Texas, Northwestern University, and Gannon University.

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