Sammy Fiegel



Sammy is a Licensed Professional Counselor, as well as a Registered Art Therapist. She received a dual Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology; & Art Therapy from Adler University in Chicago. She specializes in trauma recovery, complex trauma, stress, PTSD, and also works with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, grief & loss, abuse, eating disorders, self-esteem building, and life transitions. Sammy is professionally trained in trauma stabilization, and in the use of art/creativity in the therapeutic process. She is also an Expert Witness in Child Trauma, and a culturally competent therapist with international experience. Sammy believes that we all have the power to move from a place of struggle to STRENGTH. Her experience is in utilizing a solution-focused, strength-based approach. She works to evoke resiliency, mind and body safety, and positive response connections, and she is motivated to support those affected by universal feelings of pain and loss. Her overall philosophy in therapy is that our pain can give us purpose, and she believes in the idea of Post-Traumatic Growth. She works from a personal psychology perspective that she is journeying alongside her clients in a path to wholeness. Sammy is an adventurer at heart. When she’s not working, she loves to explore, hike, travel, and is inspired by motivational experiences and the challenging of her personal limits. Her personal journey through healing reflects these experiences of loss, triumph and growth.

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